Jacksonville Garbage Schedule 2023 (Map, Holidays, and Bulk Pick up)

Jacksonville is a city in Florida in the United States. It has a detailed trash collection program, through which all the trash from the streets as well as from the houses is cleaned.

If you are a Jacksonville resident, sign up for this program if you want to get rid of all kinds of waste from your house regularly.

Here are the details about the Jacksonville garbage schedule.

Jacksonville trash pickup schedule (map/calendar)

Trash pickup in Jacksonville starts at 6 am on your pickup day, so you have to place your carts at the curbside before this time.

Also, one should place the carts not before 5 pm before the collection day.

If you want to find your area’s trash collection schedule in Jacksonville, click on the map below:

What To Do If You Miss Trash Day?

Recycling schedule in Jacksonville

To find your recycling days in, contact the city’s waste department through (904) 630-CITY (2489) and your schedule can be confirmed from here by creating account.

The recycling collection starts at 6 am on your pickup day, so you have to place your carts at the curbside before this time.

Recyclables include cardboard, paper, plastic bottles and containers, aluminum cans, and glass bottles and jars. 

Holiday trash schedule

Trash pickup in Jacksonville takes place according to the above mentioned schedule throughout the year, except for only two public holidays, on which no trash collection takes place.

These are:

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Bulk pickup schedule

To find your bulk schedule in Jacksonville, you need to check out your schedule by address from the government’s website:


Bulk products include all those things which are too large and heavy to be placed inside regular trash carts like furniture, mattresses, appliances etc. 

Yard waste schedule

Yard waste includes grass clippings, brush, small tree branches, and other waste materials from your lawn.

To find your yard waste pickup day for Jacksonville, call (904) 630-CITY (2489) and the schedule can be confirmed by creating the account here: https://myjax.custhelp.com/app/utils/create_account

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To find your yard waste pickup day in Jacksonville, Florida, call (904) 630-CITY (2489).

Your trash cart must be placed before 6 am on your collection day, since the trash pickup starts after this time. Also, the cans must not be overfilled, leading to trash being scattered on the ground.

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Garbage collection in Jacksonville takes place regularly. However, the schedule may change a little in the weeks of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

For more information regarding the Jacksonville trash schedule, contact the city’s Public Services department through their number (904) 255-8786.