Sarasota Trash Schedule 2024 (Holidays, Bulk Pickup and Recycling)

Sarasota (Zip Code: 34230) is a city in Florida, in the United States of America. Like other American cities, Sarasota offers its residents a trash collection program through which the citizens can get rid of their daily household trash, recyclables, hazardous waste and bulky items.

Following are the details about the Sarasota trash schedule.

Sarasota Trash Schedule

Garbage collection in Sarasota starts at 6 am on your trash pickup day, and the carts are to be placed at the curbside before this time.

One can place the carts after 5 pm the day before collection. Trash pickup takes place every week in the city from 6 am to 8 pm. You can remove the bins after the garbage has been picked up.

For Complete Sarasota Trash Schedule Calendar, click on the map below:

Sarasota Trash Schedule

Sarasota Garbage Collection Holiday Schedule

No garbage collection will take place on the following days in Sarasota.

  • New Year’s Day – Sunday January 1, 2023  
  • Independence Day – Tuesday July 4, 2023 
  • Labor Day – Monday September 4, 2023  
  • Thanksgiving Day – Thursday November 23, 2023  
  • Christmas Day – Monday December 25, 2023  

Check out this pdf in order to know the replacement days for these holidays.

Sarasota Recycling Pickup Schedule

Recycling in Sarasota city takes place on the same day as your regular trash collection day. Recyclables include newspaper, office paper and magazines, envelopes and wrapping paper, construction paper, junk mail, books and paper bags, catalogs, tin, aluminum, and some other metal cans.

Sarasota City Bulk Trash Pickup Schedule

Bulk items are those which are very large and heavy and can not be placed inside regular trash carts. For curbside pickup of bulky items in Sarasota, one must schedule an appointment at least two days before the collection day.

To schedule an appointment, call 941-493-4100. Same process should be repeated in order to get rid of TVs and monitors.

Sarasota household hazardous waste disposal

Sarasota does not conduct curbside collection of household hazardous waste, instead, these things should be taken to hazardous waste collection centers. There are various collection centers in the city, you can take these items to the one closer to your residence.

Hazardous waste products include automotive batteries, hazardous waste, automotive products, lawn and garden chemicals, batteries, paints, cell phones, solvents, fluorescent lamps, toxic waste, gasoline, used motor oil, paint thinner, chemicals, pesticides, cleaners, pool chemicals, electronics, rechargeable batteries, fertilizers, sharps (needles, lancets) in tightly packed containers, fire extinguishers etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Things like pool chemicals, paints and varnishes, gasoline, pesticides and insecticides, rechargeable batteries and toxic waste are considered hazardous in Florida.

Trash pickup holidays in Sarasota include New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Recap – Sarasota Trash Schedule

Recycling and trash collection takes place every week in Sarasota from Monday to Friday, however, the garbage schedule bay be altered a little during the weeks of some public holidays.

In case of any queries or problems regarding trash and recycling pickup, contact the city’s Contact Center by calling 941-861-5000.