What To Do If You Miss Trash Day? – Ask For A Pickup or Wait Until Next Pickup

Missed your trash day? Well you are not alone in this as a lot of us forget our pickup day even after checking out the schedule regularly.

You don’t have to worry as there are many other ways which can help you get rid of your daily garbage.

Missed The Trash Day

Here we have discussed all methods you can use to recover your missed pickup.

Request a pickup from the Public Services department

The best and most efficient method of getting rid of your daily waste is by scheduling a pickup by requesting the Public Services department or the trash management department working in your area. To do this, you have to find the contact info of your relevant trash department and ask them for a pickup on your desired day.

However, in most of the cities, this costs you an additional fee. If you don’t have an issue in paying this little amount, you should definitely go for this option.

Dispose of the trash yourself

You don’t have to worry at all if you have missed your trash collection, because every city consists of a landfill or the drop-off location where you can take all your waste for disposal.

Some cities cost you a fee for taking your dump at a transfer station or landfill, while some let you do it for free. However, if you have a lot of trash to get rid of urgently, you have to opt for this option to refill your trash carts again.

Test your luck!

Well if you check out that the trash from your lane has been picked up and the bins from the other lane have not been emptied yet, you can try placing your carts in that lane. If you are lucky enough, your trash can get picked up from there.

Although the success rate of this technique is not very high. You can still try your luck and try placing your cart at the place where garbage has not been collected yet. If it does not work, you have to try any other option from the list.

Ask for Pickup from Any Private Company

Local companies or persons are also present in every city which do your trash pickup for you, by demanding a certain fee. To these locals, one can give away all kinds of trash, recyclable items, bulk waste, hazardous items and yard waste.

Although, this is the most costly option you can choose to get rid of your waste, this method can help you remove all the dump from your houses all at once.

If you don’t have an issue in spending money, you should definitely try contacting a local waste removal company.

Wait Until Next Pickup

If your trash can is not fully filled now and you can enter more trash into it, how about waiting for the next collection? As you know that taking the trash to a landfill, requesting another pickup or contacting any local for pickup may cost you a lot of money. So, if there is a chance that you can spend a week with the same cart without getting your trash picked up, then you should go for it.

Use the Street Trash Cans

If you live in the areas which have public trash cans on every street, you can also place your daily garbage in those cans as they will get emptied on a regular basis.

However, you must only place the amount of waste which does not disturb other citizens living in that area, and you must not overfill the community trash carts, as it can cause littering of streets

Try local landfills

Many cities also have landfills that are being run by some private organizations. If you need to get rid of waste at a time when public landfills are closed, you can go to the private landfills and dispose of the dump by paying some fee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are various things you can do if you forgot to take out the trash on its required day and time. You can wait for another week, or take all the trash to a landfill or dump station, contact the waste management department and request another pickup, or contact any local waste management company.

Leaving the trash for too long is not advised because it attracts all kinds of insects that feed on dirt and garbage which results in the spreading of various diseases. So, one should get rid of their waste at every pickup and not leave it for very long.

Trash like that of food waste must be disposed of as soon as possible. However, one should try to get rid of daily household waste at every pickup which the city government provides, either it is one or two times a week or more than this.

Recap – What To Do If You Miss Trash Day?

Trash collection in most of the cities takes place weekly. In case you miss your pickup, you have to get rid of the waste products by any other method, either it be through any local pickup, calling the Public Services or the city Waste Management department and requesting for another pickup by paying its fee, taking the trash to the dump station near you or any other method that is convenient for you.

However, if your cans are not filled yet, you can also wait for the next pickup. Keep yourself updated with the Trash Schedules, so that you don’t miss the trash day.