How to Get Rid of a Mattress for Free or a Fee?

Mattresses, if used for long, can start sinking from the middle, meaning that it can no longer be used because of certain conditions and this is the time you should get rid of it and buy a new one.

How to Get Rid of a Mattress

There are many ways you can dispose of a mattress, some of which cost you a fee while others can sort out your problem for free. Here is all you need to know about getting rid of a used mattress.

When To Get Rid Of Your Mattress

Knowing when you need to get rid of your mattress is very important as you can not get a comfortable sleep without a good mattress.

In the worst-case scenario, you might develop some back issues just because you are using an old and torn off mattress.

Here are some of the signs that tell you you need to change your mattress as soon as possible:

  1. The springs start to make noise or pinch you while laying down. This eventually disturbs your sleep and you can’t enjoy your naps at all.
  2. The mass of the mattress starts being collected at a single area, which makes one uncomfortable sitting on the mattress.
  3. The mattress can become very thin and the mass from the middle starts disappearing, which may cause you back pain after you wake up.
  4. Sometimes, the mattress starts to make noise even if you move, which disturbs you in your sleep.

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Ways to Dispose of a Mattress

Here are some ways you can get rid of your mattress easily.

Recycle your mattress

Recycling is the best option to get rid of your mattress, and it can be easily done by taking your products to recycling centers.

Whatever city you are living in, it must have a lot of government as well as local recycling centers. Local recyclers take all your recyclables any day, and in the case of mattresses, they request a fee of $40-$50.

In America, some of the most extensive and popular local recycling companies include Earth 911 and Bye Bye Mattress. In addition to these, you can also take your mattresses to different facilities which may or may not cost you money. 

Search for Old mattress pickup and see which company charges you less fee and offers good service.

Give it to those in need

If your mattress is of no use to you, there might be some people who may need it and you can give it to them for their ease.

For this, the best method is to ask around in your community and also ask your friends and colleagues if they know somebody who would take the mattress you want to get rid of.

We are sure somebody will show up and you can give it away to them.

Sell your mattress

If your mattress is not in a very poor condition, consider selling it off. For this, you need to make sure that your mattress does not stink, has not been torn, does not have too many lumps and is completely clean.

After you meet all these given conditions, sell it through any online application or ask around through the people you know. Make sure you state the condition of the mattress rightly to the buyers.

Look for the suitable price you would like to get for your mattress and then sell it off.

Donate the mattress

One method of getting rid of your used mattress is by donating it to those in need, as it may also be of help to others. This can be done through local organizations as well as through government organizations.

Local donors require less conditions before they take a mattress from you to donate it to other people. But still, the mattress should not be torn off from places and must be able to be used in order to be donated.

In case of large departments that carry out the donating work, they look for people all around the country and give the things to deserving communities.

Some of the very efficiently working organizations in America are Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Furniture Bank Association of America, Habitat for Humanity, and Catholic Charities.

Some Cities Allow Curbside Pickup of Mattresses

If you live in one of those cities in the United States of America which offer bulk pickup regularly, and also allow mattresses of given sizes to be placed along with other bulky items, this is the best opportunity to utilize!

If your city holds a regular bulk pickup, place the mattress on the curbside before the collection time. 

In some other cases, you need to schedule a bulky pickup yourself by calling the city’s waste management or public works departments.

If you are not sure that your city picks up mattresses or not, you can call the department and ask for the information regarding bulk products and pickup.

Check For Trash Schedules to know about every city if they do bulk pickup or not.

Reuse it for some other purposes

Are you a creative person who loves creating DIY things for your house or workplace? Mattresses can be of great help in your DIY work as well!

You can use it in your lounge as different racks, shelfs, gardening decor items, or you can use it around items which need insulation. Have a thought about how you can make the best use of your mattress and then work on upgrading it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The best way of getting rid of a mattress for free is by giving it away to others either by yourself or through any charity organizations.

No, mattresses can not be placed next to a dumpster. You can arrange a special pickup for it by contacting the waste department or drop it off at any recycling center or landfill.

Recap – Get Rid of a Mattress

Donating a mattress is not as simple as getting rid of other furniture and appliances.

Before you think of disposing of a mattress by taking it to a landfill, you must think of other options which include donating the mattress, giving it away to those in need, selling it and recycling the mattress.