Where to Recycle Aluminum Cans for Money?

Are you interested in earning money while also helping the environment by recycling your aluminum cans? We have all the information you need on where to recycle aluminum cans for money. Start earning today while making a positive impact on the planet. Don’t wait, read on now!

Recycle Aluminum Cans For Money

Most of the stored food cans in the United States of America are composed of Aluminum. Hence, it is very important to recycle these cans from time to time.

Also, aluminum metal is very easily recyclable. Not only can this make the environment a lot better, but also it can get you dollars if you are a stored food consumer. 

Although this can not be done at homes. There are a large number of places and facilities which offer recycling of metals including aluminum. Whatever city you are living in, find your nearest recycling place and take all your cans to it.

How To Recycle Aluminum Cans?

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to recycle your junk aluminum cans:

Wash and clean all the cans you have

One thing we must all take care of is that our cans which we are going to dispose of must be properly cleaned, otherwise they won’t be recycled at the facilities. For this, first wash them thoroughly.

Make sure they don’t have any food or liquid left inside. Then, dry them all and make sure all of them have been completely cleaned.

Squeeze each can to its fullest

The next step is to crush or squeeze them as much as you can. For this, you need to first press them with both your hands.

Afterwards, place them under your shoes and compress them completely until they become completely flat. They are now ready for recycling. 

Take them to Recyclers

The last step is to take the cans to a recycling place where you can get rid of them all. Remember that when it comes to money, each company offers you a different price.

So it is better to know first which local recyclers are paying you the best and then you can take your waste there.

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Where to Recycle Aluminum Cans for Money?

Here are some of the places where you can Recycle Aluminum Cans for Money:

Dump Collection Centers

Every city has a lot of dump collection centers, facilities, drop-off locations and other such departments where you can get rid of your unnecessary waste.

The collection centers also collect recyclables including metal cans like the aluminum ones and hence you can take them there for recycling.

Some of the collection centers you can take your recyclables to include Think Cans, Puget Sound Recycling, Can Land Recycling Center etc.

General stores around the city

Not all, but some of the general grocery stores have the facility to collect recyclable items from the customers. These stores have their recycling stations developed in them and you can submit your cans there in exchange for money. 

Take the cans to scrap yards

Scrap yards are builts in the cities and you will definitely find some in your city as well. These yards take waste material and recyclable items, and one can recycle their aluminum cans from these scrap yards as well.

Find a local recycler

Local recyclers have set up their business everywhere in the city. They have set up specific prices for the items you take for recycling. If a local recycler meets your demands, you can have your aluminum cans recycled from there as well. 

Price for Aluminum cans recycling

Although the aluminum cans are not worth a lot just like other scrap materials, they sure pay you some amount which is much better than not getting any money at all.

A lot of houses use a large number of aluminum cans which can help them earn some pounds or dollars.

Here are some statistics which tell how much you can get by recycling an aluminum can on average:

  • Recycling of one can – 1.8 cents
  • Recycling of 32 aluminum cans – 1 pound
  • Recycling of 1 lb aluminum cans – $0.25 to $0.35
  • 1000 aluminum cans being recycled – nearly $100

One thing you should know is that these prices may be offered for clean aluminum cans, as the dirty ones offer far less money than this.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Although one can get different prices from different areas you are recycling your aluminums can at, California, Wyoming and Mississippi are the places where you can earn some real good money by recycling these metal cans.

On average, one aluminum can earn a citizen approximately 1.8 cents. So, to make $100 you need to recycle at least 1000 aluminum cans.

A kilo consists of approximately 70 metal cans, and by recycling these, you can earn up to 125 cents if you are being given a price of 1.8 cent per can, which is a really good cost.

Recycling Aluminum Cans For Money – Recap

Nearly all United State citizens have aluminum cans in the form of stored food or liquid cans which they have to get rid of occasionally. How about you earn money by doing so?

Yes, you got it right. one can earn up to 1.5-1.8 cents by recycling a single aluminum can in the US. For this, you need to clean the cans first and then take them to a scrap yard, local recycler, grocery store which accepts recyclables or collection centers around the city.

Make sure you check out how much recycling these metal cans is worth in the city you live in, and then take them to a disposal area. Also Check Every City’s Trash Schedules to know more about recycling of different items.