NYC Trash Schedule 2024 (Pickup Time, Holidays and Large Item)

New York City is a very dominant city near White PlainsMedfordHuntingtonNew Rochelle and Harrison in the state of New York in the United States of America. It is the center of attraction of thousands of tourists from all over the world, mainly because of its unique architecture but also due to its whistle-clean roads and buildings.

NYC Trash Schedule

There obviously is a whole system that keeps everything clean and hence all the trash is collected from the houses and buildings on a regular basis. If you are searching for the schedule for trash pickup in New York, here are the details.

NYC Trash Pickup Time

Trash collection starts anytime in the morning, so the citizens should place their trash in their respective locations before midnight. The time to place the trash bins starts after 4 pm and ends at midnight and the collection starts the next day.

One main thing to remember is to get your bins back after the trash has been taken, since you won’t get it from the government for free. If your can gets emptied before 4 pm, make sure you get the trash cans before 9 PM. If the trash is taken after 4 pm, you have time till 9 am to get your trash cans back.

NYC Garbage Pickup Schedule By Address

Click on the map below to view complete NYC garbage pickup schedule by address:

Click Here For New York City Trash Schedule

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Public holidays in NYC to Remember

The residents should keep in mind that no trash collection will take place on the public holidays. So make sure you throw out all the litter the day before or wait for the next day. For your ease, all the public holidays on which no trash collection in 2024 will take place are mentioned below. 

  • Monday 2nd January, 2024 – New Year’s Day 
  • Monday 16th January, 2024 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Monday 13th February, 2024 – Lincoln’s Birthday
  • Monday 20th February, 2024 – Presidents’ Day (Washington’s Birthday)
  • Monday 29th May, 2024 – Memorial Day
  • Monday 19th June, 2024 – Juneteenth
  • Tuesday 4th July, 2024 – Independence Day
  • Monday 4th September, 2024 – Labor Day
  • Monday 9th October, 2024 – Christopher Columbus’ Day
  • Tuesday 7th November, 2024 – Election Day
  • Saturday 11th November, 2024 – Veterans Day
  • Thursday 23rd November, 2024 – Thanksgiving Day
  • Monday 25th December, 2024 – Christmas Day

Trash Instructions for the NYC residents

New York residents should have the following instructions in mind regarding trash collection.

  • Items you throw in trash should only be the ones which can’t be donated, sold, or recycled.
  • Finely working goods like electronics should be sold, if they’re not working at all, consider other options.
  • Material best suited for being recycled includes all kinds of papers including newspapers and magazines, cardboard stuff, plastic items and even glass goods.
  • Radioactive items or other harmful products should be dropped off to the waste management department.
  • If you think that the items are working fine and can be used in order to help others, donate them to those in need from the website
  • In case anybody throws trash on the street, he or she will be strictly fined by the government.
  • For those who see any citizen littering the streets, should report immediately, he’ll get half of the fine collected from the illegal dumper.

Items not to give for recycling

You need to be able to differentiate between items that should be sent to the landfill and those which can be recycled. Recycling items should not include building materials like concrete, radioactive or dangerous substances, paints and dyes, tyres and other car parts and some other goods like these.

Contact the NYC’s Department of Sanitation’s Collection

Contact the management if there is any issue regarding trash collection through their number 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) or simply call 311 for help. Same numbers can be used to schedule your trash collection timing and to ask for other requests like a trash container.

What About NYC large item pickup?

The DSNY department of New York can easily schedule your bulky trash pickup. You can manage your heavy trash schedule from website. One can even set the date weeks before the actual trash pickup and the government provides the facility to pick up a maximum of ten massive items at once.


Yes, a very few cities offer this facility to its citizens and NYC is also included in the list. It takes no money from the residents for garbage collection. Instead, all the amount comes from the tax which the government collects.

Garbage cans are provided to the citizens as per their demands. To get a trash can in NYC, one must call 311 or (212-639-9675) and get their wish fulfilled.

Since furniture is included in the heavy goods, it can not be thrown any day like smaller items. Instead, one must put it out after 4 pm on the last weekday and it’ll be collected by the workers on the weekend.

If your microwave is working properly or can work fine after repairing, consider selling it and a good option is to donate it to others. If it doesn’t work at all, place it with the goods that need to be recycled.

Buying a garbage can can cost people nearly $15 to $20 but it depends totally on the size of the can they’re buying. However the average rate is 20 USD.

Check Your City’s Trash Schedule