Medford Trash Schedule 2024 (Bulk Pickup, Recycling and Collection Map)

Medford (Zip Code: 02155) is a city near Somerville, Brockton, Maynard, Tewksbury, South Hadley, Mattapoisett, Beverly, Watertown and Melrose in the Massachusetts, in United States of America, and is one of the largest cities in this state.

This populous city has a very detailed system for the removal of trash from streets as well as from every house located here. Below are the details about the trash schedule in Medford. 

Medford Trash Pickup Schedule/Timings

Trash collection in Medford takes place once a week, so you have to know about your pickup schedule in order to get rid of your waste in time.

To find out Medford ma trash schedule 2023, click on the map below:

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All the waste collection in Medford MA is done by Waste Management.

Medford Dump Hours: Trash collection starts at 6 am, so make sure you place your carts before this time, and ends at 6 pm, after which you can take back your carts and start refilling.

Medford Recycling Schedule

Items which can be recycled include newspapers, diaries, journals etc. cardboard boxes, glass containers and bottles, some kinds of plastics, and metal cans which have been thoroughly cleaned.

Recyclable items can also be picked up from your houses on specific days, and one can also take them to the drop-off location which is present at DPW, 21 James St. This drop-off center is open from Monday to Saturday between 7 am to 3:30 pm. 

Medford Bulk Waste Pickup Schedule

Bulk items include all those products which are too large to fit inside a regular trash can, for example, rugs and carpets, furniture like chairs, sofas and tables, refrigerators (without refrigerants), lumber, scrap metals, pipes etc., heaters, washers, dryers etc.

These things can only be picked up from your houses if you request a collection before. For this, you need to contact the waste management department through their number 800-972-4545. Bulk collection takes place free of cost. 

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal in Medford

Hazardous waste includes all the dangerous items which can start a fire easily or is harmful in any other perspective. Some of the hazardous materials include swimming pool chemicals, mercury, toner, lead, gas cylinders, furniture polish, smoke detectors, fireworks and other explosive substances.

It is better to take the hazardous materials at the Minuteman Hazardous Products Regional Facility present at the Lexington Compost Facility, 60 Hartwell Avenue, Lexington, MA 02421.

Medford MA Leaf Pickup

Medford MA Leaf Pickup

To know about leaf pickup or yard waste schedule, see this pdf:

There’s a calendar in the PDF. Leaf will be picked up on the dates on which there is leaf icon. Only bagged leaf will be picked up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To dispose of a microwave in Medford, one has to take it to a drop-off location where all kinds of electronic wastes are taken. You have to use a disposal sticker before recycling the microwave.

Furniture items are included in bulk waste, and to dispose of them, one has to schedule a pickup by calling 800-972-4545 first. After you do so, you’ll get a date for your bulk pickup.

What you need to know more about about Medford ma Trash Schedule 2023?

Trash collection in Medford occurs regularly, and in case of any problem or query, one can contact the waste management department through 800-972-4545.

Same number can be used if you want to schedule a pickup or want information regarding certain items.

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