New Rochelle Trash Schedule 2023 (Holidays, Bulk Pickup, and Recycling)

Get the latest New Rochelle trash schedule with our comprehensive guide. From regular pickups to holidays, recycling, and bulk pickup dates.

New Rochelle Trash Schedule

New Rochelle is a city in the state of New York, and just like other cities in the country, New Rochelle has a detailed system for trash collection and sweeping in the city. Under this program, you can get rid of your daily trash, bulk waste, recyclable items, electronics, household hazardous waste, yard waste and all other types of garbage you have in house.

All you have to do is to register for this program now and enjoy all these facilities given by the government.

New Rochelle Trash Pickup Schedule

To Find New Rochelle Trash Schedule Calender, view this PDF. Make sure you don’t place items more than 75 pounds and 32 gallons inside the garbage can.

Also, your trash cans must not be overfilled and must be placed at some distance from each other.

In case of any problem or query, you can contact the waste department through their number (914) 235-5830/4654.

Holidays that change the schedule in New Rochelle

Garbage pickup in New Rochelle takes place on a regular basis. However, the schedule may change on days when the weather conditions are severe or on some public holidays.

Here are the city observed holidays on which no trash collection will take place:

  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Recycling collection Schedule

The schedule for recycling in New Rochelle can be checked from this link.

Another option is to take the recyclables to the Sanitation and Recycling facility which is located at 224 E Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801. It is open for residents from Monday to Friday between 7 am to 3 pm.

Here are the recyclable things you can put inside the cart:

  • Tin cans, aluminum cans, and some other metal cans which have been cleaned first
  • Cardboard boxes (clean and empty)
  • Aerosol spray cans 
  • Newspaper, Office paper, and Magazines
  • Envelopes and Wrapping paper
  • Construction paper
  • Junk mail
  • Books and Paper bags
  • Catalogs

Following things should NOT be added in the recycling carts.

  • Other household appliances
  • Glass
  • Styrofoam
  • Plastic gags
  • Daily household trash which is to be thrown in trash containers
  • Large items like furniture and mattresses
  • Dangerous wastes like pesticides and paints

Bulk Pickup Schedule

Items which are too large to fit inside regular trash cans are included in the bulk category and hold a separate pickup from the other goods.

Heavy metal items will be picked up every Wednesday. Place the bulk items before 7 am on your pickup day as the collection will start after 7 am.

Following are some examples of the things included in bulk waste:

  • Rugs and carpets 
  • Furniture like chairs, sofas and tables
  • Refrigerators (without refrigerants)
  • Lumber, scrap metals, pipes etc. 
  • Heaters
  • Air conditioners (after CFCs have been removed)
  • Washers
  • Dryers

Household hazardous waste disposal in New Rochelle

Household hazardous waste includes all those things which are explosive or can catch fire easily.

To dispose of such things in New Rochelle, take them to Westchester County at the Household Material Recovery Facility on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.

For more information regarding the hazardous waste disposal in New Rochelle, call (914) 813-5425.

Household hazardous waste products include acids, brake fluid, photographic chemicals, medications, pesticides and insecticides, swimming pool chemicals, mercury, toner, lead, gas cylinders, furniture polish, smoke detectors, fireworks and other explosive substances, batteries and cells, glues and adhesives, wood stain, shoe polish, paints, fertilizers, varnishes etc.

New Rochelle Yard Waste

Yard waste includes things like tree branches, leaves, grass, brushes and other vegetative things found in our lawn.

To schedule a yard waste in New Rochelle, call 914-235-5830 before Thursday 3 pm.

Here is the yard waste pickup schedule in New Rochelle:

  • Monday: North side of Quaker Ridge Road to Scarsdale border. 
  • Tuesday: North side of Eastchester Road, Beechmont Drive and Barnard Road, to the south side of Quaker Ridge Road. 
  • Wednesday: North side of Metro North Railroad to the south side of Eastchester Road, Beechmont Drive and Barnard Road. 
  • Thursday: South of Metro North Railroad.

New Rochelle residents, listen up!

Here are some important instructions you all should have in mind:

  • Every trash container should have a minimum of three feet distance from the other cart and even more from other blockages like trees, poles etc. make sure to place your trash at areas which do not disturb any passengers or vehicles.
  • Your trash cans should not be overfilled with the garbage items, as it can result in garbage being thrown on the streets.
  • Report to police or call 311 if you find anyone littering the streets since it is an illegal activity if somebody litters the street knowingly.
  • If your trash can has been broken, you can request for a replacement from the waste department. 
  • Kindly clearly mention your house addresses on every container you are placing for collection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are no specific days for bulk pickup in New Rochelle. To schedule a bulk pickup, you must call at 914-235-3593, the Bureau of Sanitation, and request a bulk pickup appointment.

Normally, trash pickup in New Rochelle starts after 7 am, so make sure you place the trash before this time. But from May to September the collection will start at 6 am.

This is all what you want to know about New Rochelle Trash Schedule

Trash collection in New Rochelle takes place on a regular basis. However, there might be separate collection days depending on the area where you live.

Also, different kinds of garbage are collected on different days and so you will have to check the schedule first.

In case of any problem or if you want information regarding anything, feel free to contact the department through their contact number (914) 235-5830/4654.

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