Costa Mesa Trash Schedule 2023 (Holidays, Bulk Pickup and Recycling Calendar)

This article offers Costa Mesa Trash Schedule including recycling, bulk pickup, holidays and much more.

Costa Mesa is a city in California, in the United States of America. The city takes care of the cleanliness of the streets and the houses very well. 

Trash collection program has been set up for the public, which not only collects garbage from your houses, but also helps you get rid of recyclables, bulky items, household hazardous waste and yard waste. Here are the details about the Costa Mesa trash schedule.

Costa Mesa Trash Pickup Schedule

Trash collection in Costa Mesa takes place once a week. Each area gets a separate pickup day from the other.

To know your trash pickup day, check out this trash collection map for Costa Mesa:

Click Here For Costa Mesa Trash Schedule

Costa Mesa Dump Hours: The collection starts at 7 am on your pickup day, so you have to make sure you place your carts at the curbside before this time.

In case you miss your trash day, call 949 646-617 or ask for help online.

Costa Mesa Trash Pickup Holidays

Costa Mesa trash collection changes a little during the weeks of the following holidays.

No trash collection takes place on these days and as a result, the collection is shifted to the coming days till the end of the week.

  • New Year’s Day – January 1st
  • Memorial Day – last Monday of May
  • Independence Day – July 4th
  • Labor Day – first Monday of September
  • Thanksgiving – fourth Thursday of November
  • Christmas – December 25th

Costa Mesa Recycling Schedule

Costa Mesa provides curbside pickup for organic recyclables like food materials and yard waste.

Collection takes place every week on your collection day, and you have to place your carts before 7 am.

Contact at tel:9496458400 to know more details.

Costa Mesa Bulk Pickup Schedule

Costa Mesa residents can have a maximum of three bulk pickups in a year, and they can dispose of ten items at every collection.

There is no definite schedule for heavy items pickup, so the citizens have to call at (949) 646-4617 in order to request a pickup.

Costa Mesa hazardous waste disposal

Household hazardous waste can be picked up from your houses through the Large Item Collection Program.

Here’s where you need to call in order to request the pickup for different products:

  • Appliances – (949) 645-8400
  • Batteries – (949) 646-4617
  • Computers – (949) 646-4617
  • Electronics – (949) 646-4617
  • Other household hazardous waste – (949) 646-4617 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every region the city has been divided into gets a separate trash pickup day. To know your trash pickup day, check out this trash collection map for Costa Mesa.

To get a new trash can in Costa Mesa, call (949) 646-4617 and request for a new cart. This will cost you $9 per month.

That’s all you want to know about Costa Mesa Trash Schedule

Trash collection takes place regularly in Costa Mesa, however, the schedule changes a little during the weeks of public holidays.

We have to make sure we get rid of all kinds of waste from our homes and offices on time. For more information regarding Costa Mesa trash schedule, call (949) 646-4617.

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