Buckeye Trash Schedule 2024 (Holidays, Bulk Pickup and Recycling)

Mygarbageschedule.com brings you the latest Buckeye Trash Schedule including the holidays, bulk pickup and recycling schedule.

Buckeye (Zip Code: 85326) is a city near Phoenix in Arizona, in the United States of America. Just like other cities in the country, Buckeye has a detailed trash collection program.

This program not only keeps the city streets clean, but also helps the residents get rid of their household trash, recyclable items, bulky items, household hazardous waste and also yard waste.

As far as the details for the Buckeye trash schedule are concerned, here are the details.

Buckeye Trash Pickup Schedule

Trash collection in Buckeye takes place once a week. However, the days may differ according to the areas you live in.

The four zones in which the city has been divided have four separate pickup days, which are:

  • Zone 1: Monday
  • Zone 2: Tuesday
  • Zone 3: Friday
  • Zone 4: Thursday

Detailed Buckeye’s Trash Schedule

You can check out the detailed Buckeye’s trash collection map by clicking on the map Below:

Click Here for Buckeye Trash Schedule

Buckeye Holiday Trash Schedule

No trash collection will take place on the following holidays. 

Thanksgiving Day – Thursday November 23, 2023 – Thursday collection will take place on Friday and Friday collection will take place on Saturday.

Christmas Day – December 25 – This week’s schedule will shift to the previous day

Buckeye Recycling Schedule

Recycling collection in Buckeye also takes place once a week, on the same days as your garbage collection days.

Here are four regions your city has been divided into, and their recycling pickup day.

  • Zone 1: Thursday
  • Zone 2: Friday
  • Zone 3: Tuesday
  • Zone 4: Monday

You can check out the detailed recycling collection map from the city’s official website.

Buckeye Bulk Pickup

Bulk collection takes place in different weeks for different zones. The trash must be placed a week before and then the collection starts on the next Monday.

You can check out the complete Buckeye’s bulk schedule, along with the area-wise map from this pdf shared by the city government.

Call at 623.349.6100 if you want more information regarding bulk pickup in Buckeye.

Household hazardous waste disposal in Buckeye

Household hazardous waste should be dropped off at the Buckeye Public Works Yard which is present at the address 23454 West MC 85, Buckeye.

These items include paints, varnishes, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, pool chemicals, automotive fluids etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Household hazardous waste like paints should be dropped off at the Buckeye Public Works Yard which is present at the address 23454 West MC 85, Buckeye.

If you have any queries regarding trash collection in Buckeye, or in case you need any information, you can have it by calling at the 623-349-6100 number.

That was all about Buckeye Trash Schedule

Trash collection takes place regularly in Buckeye, however, the schedule may change a little during the weeks of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

For more information regarding the Buckeye trash schedule, contact the city’s waste department by calling at 623-349-6100.

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