San Antonio Trash Schedule 2024 (Holidays, Bulk Pickup and Recycling)

San Antonio is a beautiful city near Houston and Austin in Texas, in the United States of America. Like other cities in the country, San Antonio offers its residents a trash collection program through which the citizens can get rid of their daily household trash, recyclables, hazardous waste and bulky items.

San Antonio Zip Codes: 78003, 78006, 78009, 78013, 78015, 78023, 78027, and 78052

Following are the details about the San Antonio trash schedule.

San Antonio Trash Schedule

Garbage collection in San Antonio takes place once every week. However, the collection day may vary from street to street.

In order to find your weekly trash schedule, enter your address by clicking on the map below:

San Antonio Trash Schedule

The trash collection starts at 7 am on your garbage pickup day, so you have to place the carts in front of your house before 7 am.

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San Antonio Holiday Trash Schedule

Here is the holiday trash schedule for the city of San Antonio.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – January 16, 2023 – A one-day delay in schedule till the end of the week
  • Cesar Chavez Day – March 31, 2023 – No change in schedule
  • Fiesta San Jacinto Day – April 21, 2023 – No change in schedule
  • Memorial Day – May 29, 2023 – No change in schedule
  • Juneteenth – June 19, 2023 – No change in schedule
  • Independence Day – July 4, 2023 – No change in schedule
  • Labor Day – September 4, 2023 – No change in schedule

San Antonio Recycling Pickup Schedule

Recycling carts must also be placed at the curbside before 7 am on your pickup day, which can be found by looking for your address at the curbside collection map of the city.

Recyclables include newspaper, office paper and magazines, envelopes and wrapping paper (which does not contain any metal or foil), construction paper, junk mail, books and paper bags, catalogs etc.

Non-recyclable items

One should not place Aluminum foil, yard waste, plastic toys, household hazardous waste, needles and other medical waste, paper towels and napkins, items containing styrofoam, daily household garbage, grass clippings, tree branches and other yard waste into the recycling carts. Also, the residents should not place recyclables in a plastic bag, as the city government does not allow such a pickup.

San Antonio Yard Waste Disposal

Yard waste collection does not take place regularly in San Antonio, instead, the residents are allowed to schedule a maximum of two bagged leaf collections in a year, from 1st October till 30th September. They won’t be charged for these pickups. 

However, in case of an additional yard waste collection in San Antonio, one has to pay $20. To schedule a yard waste pickup in the city, call 311 or 210-207-6000, or request an online from here

San Antonio Bulk Collection Schedule

Bulky items are those which are very heavy and large and hence cannot be placed inside regular trash cans. These items include mattresses, furniture, carpets and rugs etc. Bulk and brush items are collected twice a year in San Antonio. 

The guidelines for the curbside bulk pickup are the same as recycling and garbage pickup rules. In order to find your heavy item pickup days in San Antonio, enter your address at the curbside collection map. In case of any queries regarding the bulky pickup, call 311 or 210-207-6000.

San Antonio Brush Pickup Schedule

To view the brush pickup schedule, click here:

You will be fined for $2000 if there is any non-brush material in your pile. Pile up the waste before 7 a.m.

In case of any missed collection, call at 210-207-6000.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Curbside garbage collection in San Antonio takes place every week, so you have to register for the program and get rid of unwanted items every week.

Bulk pickup in San Antonio takes place two times every year.

Recap – San Antonio Trash Schedule

Trash and recycling collection in San Antonio take place on a weekly basis, and the bulk and brush collection takes place twice a year.

However, the collection schedule will vary a little during the weeks of some trash collection holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

For more information regarding the schedules, contact the city government by calling at 311 or 210-207-6000.

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