Best Way To Dispose of Fireplace Ashes

Many of us love to light up fireplaces in our houses, especially during the extreme winter seasons. However, after all the wood is burnt, ashes are left behind, which require special care until they are entirely disposed of.

Properly Dispose of Fireplace Ash

So, when it comes to properly disposing of fireplace ash, it’s essential to handle it responsibly to ensure safety and prevent any potential hazards.

Steps to Properly Dispose of Fireplace Ash

Keeping in view all the security measures, here are the steps you need to do in order to properly dispose of fireplace ash:

1. Cool the ashes down

You should cool the ashes first. Keep the ashes placed in the metal container until they are now at room temperature and have become really harmless. For this, it is advised to wait for one complete day in order to let the ashes cool down completely.

It is to ensure that no hot ashes have been left behind and there is no threat of a fire getting started.

2. Removing ashes from the fireplace

One can remove ashes from the fireplace in various ways, however, the most common method to do so is by using a shovel. Wear your gloves and slowly start to remove the ashes from the fireplace slowly.

3. Store the ashes carefully

The next thing you need to do is to keep your distance from the ashes and wear gloves and mask while dealing with them because some ashes might still be burning and hot. After this, you have to place these ashes in a metal container and close its lid real tight.

Check your clothes and also the nearby things as a safety precaution because ashes can really burn down things.

4. Now dispose of the ashes

After you have cooled down your ashes, you can now dispose of them. The easiest way to get rid of these is by throwing them in the trash cart (Find your trash schedule). Make sure you place the ashes in compostable bags or containers and then throw them into the bins.

Wood ashes can also be recycled and for this, it is better that you take them to any of the recycling centers which accept fireplace ashes.

This is the only best way to dispose of or get rid of fireplace ashes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, wood ash can be recycled and for this, you have to take them to the recycling centers. However, it is better to place the ash in the trash carts as ashes don’t find much use.

No, ash does not really decompose in soil. Since ashes are made solely out of inorganic substances, it might take them ages to decompose.

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Recap – How to Properly Dispose of Fireplace Ash?

Proper disposal of fireplace ashes is extremely important for our and our residence’s safety. The best way to dispose of fireplace ashes involves following some essential steps, which include letting the ashes cool down for about a day, transferring the ashes to a metal box, storing them carefully, and then placing them in the trash cart before collection day.