Fort Worth Trash Schedule 2023 (Holidays, Bulk Pickup, and Drop-off Stations)

Fort Worth is a worth-seeing city in Texas, USA, and has a proper system of cleaning the trash all around the city. Items are divided into various categories including the ones that are to be thrown in the garbage, the ones which need to be recycled, donatable goods, and large items which are to be thrown in the landfill.

Fort Worth Trash Schedule

If you are a Fort Worth resident who wants to sign up for the trash collection program or have already signed up for it, continue reading the details below about the trash program. 

Fort Worth Trash Pickup Schedule

The garbage is collected from the houses one time every week. Brown containers should be used in order to store garbage. Workers collect the trash from Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and after your trash can has been emptied, make sure you take it back to your house.

Garbage can should not be placed on roads or any place which can disturb the traffic flow, instead these should be placed right in front of your residence. 

Public Holidays to keep in mind

Fort Worth’s trash schedule is disturbed only on Thanksgiving Day which will be observed on Thursday, November 23 in 2023. The schedule will shift to Friday and Friday’s schedule to Saturday and so on. No other public holiday disturbs the trash schedule in Fort Worth and the timetable is the same throughout the year.  

Fort Worth Bulk Pickup

Items which cannot be thrown in the normal brown container, are to be placed separately. This includes carpets (of a certain size), beds, and other such items. In Fort Worth, the bulk waste should be placed outside the houses before Monday 7 a.m. and are collected afterwards. The minimum cost per item is $75 per 5 cubic yards of the good. 

Items that can be thrown in Bulk Collection

Bulk trash should be placed near the trees or mailboxes or other such blockages so that they don’t disturb the traffic. Ignoring this rule and putting the waste at any other place will result in your trash not getting collected. The items acceptable to be thrown in bulk waste should be larger than the bin size.  Maximum bulk waste accepted at a time is 10 cubic yards which means a good can be 8 feet long and 6 feet wide.

Items not to be sent in Bulk Trash

Following items are not allowed in the bulk waste:

  • Electronics like ovens and refrigerators should not be thrown in the trash, they have to be sent to the drop-off stations for recycling.
  • Industrial waste like concrete should not be the part of bulk waste. 
  • Glass items can be recycled, so they should not be sent through garbage bags.
  • Household garbage is to be thrown in the brown container, and not in the bulk waste.
  • Plastic bags are not allowed in the waste.
  • Explosive and radioactive dangerous items should not be sent here.

Recyclable Items

There are some goods which can be recycled or reused and hence they don’t have to be sent in trash. These include dry paper products like simple paper, newspapers, magazines and other such stuff. Moist papers like moist tissue should not be sent for recycling. Cardboards and related products, glass products and electronics can be recycled. Plastic bags are recycled too but are to be sent to the general stores for recycling at most of the areas. 

Fort Worth Drop-off Stations 

Drop-off stations are the places where all your trash and recyclable items are taken. To enter the place, one must have a driver’s license and the water bill. After entering, you’ll see certain portions for each kind of waste or recycling material. Place all the things in their right place and you should have a tool like a shovel to do so. The vehicles allowed to enter drop-off stations are small trailers which are used to transport the goods.

How to dispose of medicines and hospital wastes?

Small amounts of medicines are present at every home but they have to be disposed of at proper times. Storing medicines, especially the expired ones, counts as drug abuse and hence is forbidden in the city.

Best way of getting rid of such drugs is to return them through the medicinal drug collection event that takes place a few times a year. Medicines like vitamins, and the prescribed ones can be collected through this method. Other items like needles, plastic bags used in medicine and syringes should be placed in a solid container and then thrown inside trash.

Contact the waste management department

To contact the waste department of Fort Worth, Texas, consider calling at the given number. 817-392-1234. The staff will respond from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday and on Saturday, the duration will be reduced to 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This number can be dialed in case of any problem like in case your trash was not collected in the given time, any question you’d like to ask, if you want to order a new trash can or any other case. Same number can be used if you want to sign up for this program. 

Moreover, to get your trash collection calendar, visit the website. If you keep forgetting your trash collection or bulk waste pickup days, install the Garbage and Recycling app launched by the government which will update and remind you of your daily schedule. You can download the app from the given link

Instructions for Fort Worth residents

People living in Fort Worth should know about the following details.

  • Throwing garbage on the street is considered illegal and results in a heavy fine.
  • Whoever catches somebody throwing litter on the street should report to the police or department immediately.
  • Items which can still be used and are in a better condition like electronics are better donated to those in need instead of throwing in trash.